Who we are

Ravenstone Consult is a consultancy group led by directors with wide experience in project management, research, analysis and evaluation in over 20 countries. We also have a team of specialist associates and access to external consultants in relevant fields as contracts require.

Christopher Horwood


Chris Horwood is a development economist / analyst who has worked on a wide range of humanitarian, development and rehabilitation-related assignments with governments, multinational organizations and NGOs over the course of 30 years in different parts of the world. For almost 10 years he work in the humanitarian mine action sector in various countries including Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Angola and Mozambique managing programmes or conducting research for governments, NGOs and the United Nations.

In the last one and a half decades, based mostly in Kenya, he has focused on smuggling, trafficking, asylum-seekers and migrants and other aspects of the mixed migration phenomenon. Chris was the Director of the Danish Refugee Council’s Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS) in Nairobi between 2011 and 2017 and has worked as the Mixed Migration Centre’s (MMC) senior adviser on mixed migration from 2018. During his time with the RMMS and MMC he established the 4Mi primary data gathering network, now working in seven regions of the world.
Chris is the author of numerous published articles, studies and briefing papers as well as short films on mixed migration. He has led and supervised research, studies and round tables related to mixed migration. Based in the UK now Chris has more recently also focused on climate related migration issues.

Katherine Grant


Katy has lived and worked for over two decades in Africa and Asia. She has extensive experience and technical expertise in the areas of child, refugee and social protection, human rights, GBV, gender, poverty graduation and resilience in conflict, post-conflict and disaster-prone environments. She has spent more than a decade working for the United Nations (UNHCR and UNICEF) in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Chad, Kenya and Somalia.

As an independent consultant, she has developed a strong profile in analytical research and strategy development. Katy has designed and managed multi-million dollar programmes as team leader or country representative, leading multi-disciplinary teams of professionals in United Nations agencies, public sector development groups, and international humanitarian organisations. Her programme management experience includes strategic planning, programme design, implementation and impact evaluation. She further has extensive fund-raising (including proposal writing), advocacy, training and capacity-building experience.

Specialist associates

Ravenstone has trusted associate consultants who work closely with us on assignments as and when required. These associates have expertise in migration, refugees and displacement, as well as conflict and political economy analysis, organised crime, environmental science, labour market analysis and child protection. We also have data management specialists, layout and graphic designers and editors.

A growing internal roster of global migration specialists allows Ravenstone to build more extensive teams when required

Local organizations are important partners to Ravenstone Consult particularly in the area of primary data collection, community mobilization and outreach, community access in complex environments, and in building solid relationships with governments.